New Spring

New Spring

The Fitness Center and the Spa of Four Seasons

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze opens its doors to the city. Hence it is possible, not only for hotel guests but for all those who wish to become regular customers, adhere to the new "Membership": monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports to enable everyone to attend the gym, swimming pool and the Spa and enjoy a host of amenities designed in a customized way.

Another interesting new feature is the introduction, offering wellness products Rephase that represent the new point of reference for anyone who is looking for innovative experiences dermocosmetic.

The Spa Open Days. Discover the world of fitness at the Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday 16 and Saturday, March 23: The Spa Manager Papalini Lucia and his staff are waiting for you to visit the areas of the gym and trying out new facial Rephase.