A new life

A new life
Zubin Mehta

The face of the new Music Park in Florence

La Casa della Musica Firenze_0001

Florence, the city where opera music was born, will finally have the theatre it deserves. I’m thrilled. I supervised the construction day by day and every time I thought: this is a big temple of music, but also a beautiful comfortable house. It was, in fact, built according to the most modern standards of comfort and performance. You’ll see, it’s going to be a new driving force behind our city’s cultural activities, I’ve seen it happen before in Los Angeles, Montreal and Valencia. On December 21st, the day of the inauguration, I will conduct the world premiere of La Nuova Italia by Silvano Bussotti and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. And on December 31st, a gala concert to celebrate the new year. It will be the expression of my best wishes from Florence’s new theatre to the world.