Interview with Luca Zingaretti

Interview with Luca Zingaretti
di Teresa Favi

Until Sunday, February 3, at the Teatro della Pergola

After years of success between small and big screen, Luca Zingaretti, go back to first love, the theater. And in the role of Major American Arnold, here in Florence, to fascinate the discerning parterre of the Pergola Theatre La Torre d’Avorio (original title Taking Sides), a play by Ronald Harwood that brings to the stage the eternal dilemma of autonomy ' art in the face of politics.
Not only interpreter, but director, Firenze Made in Tuscany has met him backstage, fresh from the success of the first Florentine last night and ready for 5 more replicas, until Sunday, Feb. 3.
What he found so seductive in this text by Ronald Harwood, much to convince her to enact and interpret the ivory tower?
When it happened to me in my hands this text I was 'struck' by its central theme, the analysis of the relationship between art and political power today declare wars based solely on suspicions, conflicts are prepared politically, that's why I think it is extremely important to understand what should be the role of art and culture with respect to the system and politics.
From the point of view of the director, which prevails idea?
The show has many facets and wanting to bring the richness of the themes I chose a stage director dry, both for scenery and costumes for the actors' performances.
How does it feel to play in a historic theater like the Pergola?
Given my background related to the theater is not my first time. But it is always a thrill to enter into this sacred temple, which moreover has wonderful acoustics, quality increasingly rare.
What is your impression about the Florentine public?
Last night, at the first, can not deny that he had tried the healthy tension before going on stage: it is well known that the public Pergola is one of the most sophisticated and demanding, but I prefer those totally indifferent or unduly complacent.
Mr. Zingaretti how did you start working as an actor?
In high school I loved the performances but I never thought it could become a profession. After graduating from a friend convinced me to groped the selection Academy: we spent the summer in preparation for the audition, but I came and he was taken out.
For many years after school, the Academy has made almost exclusively theater, many of which were spent alongside Luca Ronconi. Quel'è was the largest teaching of that period?
The rigor, seriousness, this way of working but rather deep and brings serenity that you just when you have to face the decisive moment.
Will soon return to Tuscany?
Apart from a few back in the theater, I'm sure you see me again in July 2013, in Cortona, the new edition of the documentary 'Did you see that?' That now I run since its inception and which I am very fond of.
The'll see you soon on television?
As Adriano Olivetti, in a miniseries filmed for RAI.

Let us with one last joke about Tuscany. What is your favorite destination?
The Val di Merse, more secluded than other green areas of Tuscany, albeit beautiful - because Tuscany is truly one of the most beautiful places that exist in the world - but this valley is facing the sea, and I the sea, not I can do without.