Laura Peruzzi

Laura Peruzzi
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Elisa Signorini

Ponte Vecchio, my love

Who would you like to see wearing a piece of your jewellery?
Including today’s divas like Gwyneth Paltrow. I’m sure these beautiful women would wear a piece of jewellery to best effect. But most of all I would like the woman wearing it to be happy, serene, open to life, and willing to move courageously forward.

What corner of Florence feels most like yours?
Inevitably, the Ponte Vecchio, where I live and work. A place that I never get tired of. I rediscover it every day with passion.

You feel truly elegant when...
When I’m good with myself, when I’m at ease.In a pair of pants and a T-shirt. It doesn’t matter what clothes or jewellery you wear, elegance definitely comes from within.

What is the extra quality in Tuscan gold-smithing?
The fact that it offers variety and quality combined with a centuries-old tradition of gold and silver-smithing. Our jewellery reflects the beauty that surrounds us and this can do no less than come through in the collections by those who love Tuscany.

What does Tuscan craftsmanship need?
Definitely public aid, whether at a local or national level. But above all we all need to start looking to the future and think of how to communicate and promote our excellence. Maybe we are spoilt by the prestige of our reputation, but today we need to stop resting on our laurels. There is still so much to make known to the world and that can only enhance the appeal of our products.