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andrea bocelli with his wife veronica, during Celebrity Fight Night in Italy

Martina Olivieri

July 7, 2021

Andrea Bocelli Foundation celebrates 10 years of activity in Florence

In the evenings of July 12 and 13 a show with many guests and a videomapping on the facade of the Complex of San Firenze

Andrea Bocelli Foundation has chosen Florence to celebrate its first 10 years of activities and projects, carried out in these years, in favor of people and communities, in Italy and in the world.

Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Firenze ph. Luca Rossetti

For the celebration of the tenth anniversary, the Foundation will give to Florence, the city that has welcomed ABF since its first steps, and to all those who want to join the celebrations, an open-air show: "ABF Stardust". A videomapping show will come to life on the facade of the Complex of San Firenze, accompanied by lights, sounds and other exciting surprises. A poetic and funny narration will tell the work of ABF, translating it into a show on the surface of its new headquarters.

In January, in fact, the renovated spaces of the 2nd floor of the Complex were inaugurated, where today there is not only the global headquarters of the Foundation, but also the "ABF GlobaLAB", a strategic professional project, designed to encourage and guide the talent of tomorrow's citizens with classrooms dedicated to vocational workshops that will welcome young people between 16 and 25 years old from Florence, Italy and beyond.

andrea bocelli foundation ph luca rossetti

The evening of July 12th will also feature a red carpet and a fundraising dinner (by invitation only) that will be set up in the square itself. Many guests are expected, from Renato Zero to Noemi, from Serena Autieri to Giovanni Caccamo, and then Mara Venier, Jo Champa, Tony Renis, Catrinel Marlon, Matteo Bocelli, Andrea Paris.
The same Monday, July 12, at 22.30, there will be the opening of the show "ABF Stardust". While the following day it will be played in loop from 21.30 to 23.45.
For Florence, this initiative represents one of the first live events of this summer: a collective restart in which a hope is inserted, also on the part of the Foundation.

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