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June 17, 2015

Canova and the masters of marble in Carrara

Until 4 October 2015, Palazzo Cucchiari

The exhibition will be housed in the nineteenth Palazzo Cucchiari, which reopens its beautiful rooms after carefully restored by the architect Tiziano Lera.

This occasion will be exhibited 16 sculptures in marble coming from the Hermitage Museum, 7 plaster from the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Carrara marble and a second copy of the Fiducia in Dio, from the Istituto d’arte in Massa.

Exemplary works of the collections owned by Tsar Nicholas I, lover of modern sculpture, linked to the School Carrarese and its major artists.

Sculptures of a precursor as Giovanni Antonio Cybei, Lorenzo Bartolini and Antonio Canova, that Carrara had not only the important contribution of a material extraordinary and unique in the world, but also some students exception.

Prestigioise sculptures, as the Orfeo of Antonio Canova or the Fiducia in Dio by Lorenzo Bartolini, the Psiche svenuta by Pietro Tenerani, L'Amore con i colombi Luigi Bienaimè or Venere nella conchiglia by Carlo Finelli.

Embracing a period from the late eighteenth century to the middle of the next century, the exhibition focuses in particular on the transition from neoclassical sculpture in the realistic, pointing out an important change: from an institutional status and academic, to a illustrious clientele, not only for fame and disposable income, but also for quality of taste.

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