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Winter Garden by Caino
January 17, 2020

Chinese New Year at Winter Garden By Caino

Saturday, January 25th, an exclusive evening to celebrate "the year of the mouse"

According to the Chinese horoscope of 2020, Saturday, January 25, 2020 Lunar New Year begins.

The mouse is the first sign of the cycle of 12 animals in Chinese astrology, and for this reason, 2020 is considered a year of new beginnings and renewal. In Chinese culture, mice were seen as a sign of wealth and abundance, they are intelligent and quick thinkers; successful, yet happy to live a quiet and peaceful life.

The Winter Garden By Caino offers a traditional 4-course menu, decorated with oriental-style table accessories.

The menu ends with a sweet note, the creamy "Lucky Jie" with green tea, tapioca pearls with coconut milk and mango: "Jie" means "connect, get together" for the traditional dinner making room for happiness and good luck (it was 福) that will arrive with the new year.

Appetizer "to share"
Grilled ravioli with shrimps and leeks 
Glazed pork chops with soy sauce, honey and ginger (a capo)
Steamed sandwich stuffed with frayed pork and sweet and sour red onions 
Fried chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce
Mushroom bouillon with shrimp bon-bon (at head)
Steamed rice, veal bites sautéed with vegetables and soy sauce
Roast pork belly, sauteed cabbage selection, Hoisin sauce
Lucky Jie Dessert: Creamy green tea, coconut milk tapioca pearls, mangoes

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Euro 120 per person
Wines not included

Winter Garden by Caino
The St. Regis Florence 055 2716 3770 |


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