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Bona Frescobaldi
July 7, 2021

Corri la Vita 2021

On September 26, a special edition of the event in support of the fight against breast cancer. Sports and free visits to the places of art throughout Tuscany

Many new cultural destinations open free of charge throughout the region, individual sports
outdoors and a lot of solidarity. The nineteenth edition of Corri la Vita will stand out from all previous ones and for the first time will involve the entire region.

Bona Frescobaldi e Eugenio Giani

Sunday, September 26 the most anticipated and participated event of the year, which will animate - starting from Florence - the ten provinces of Tuscany with new cultural destinations scattered throughout the territory. The goal is to promote fundraising for projects dedicated to the treatment of breast cancer to help women through prevention, the reduction of waiting lists and psychological support.

Comitato Corri La Vita con Eugenio Giani

Also this year there will not be the traditional city run along pre-established routes, but it will be promoted individual sports to be carried out outdoors in the company of friends and family. The morning will be mainly dedicated to physical activity: after the warm-up in streaming with the teachers of the gym Wellness Firenze Marathon, the official start of the 2021 edition will be given.

Throughout the day, space for culture: the event gives in fact the opportunity - in full compliance with the necessary security measures - to visit free cultural destinations selected throughout Tuscany simply by wearing the official T-shirt of CORRI LA VITA 2021. Will be open to the public sports facilities, historic buildings and wineries of historical-architectural importance and among the new 2021 absolutely not to be missed in Florence the Rowing Club of Florence (with the possibility to try the Dragon Boat).

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