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February 25, 2015

Emilio Pucci and Ladurée

A unique partnership between food and fashion

Emilio Pucci and Ladurée have made an extraordinary collaboration between food and fashion, which celebrates the common inclination
for the color and the natural joie de vivre. The union of these historic Maison, perfectionists in their creations, associates the Florentine brand founded in 1947 with the most well-known manufacturer of macaron.

The result is a feast for the senses, sweet and heady. Emilio Pucci gives his unique touch to Ladurée, signing his note with the vitality gift box limited edition. Printing Capri plays a sophisticated package presented in two variants: the red coral and turquoise, evoking the atmosphere of the Mediterranean summer, with its explosion of colors.

The box eight macaron is available in two versions: a traditional and an exclusive covered with real fabric Pucci, a luxurious new to the Parisian brand.
The packages contain "Citron-Rose" a variety created specifically for collaboration that evokes the sweet life of the Italian Riviera.

A blend of lemon and rose in the Mediterranean, which bring to mind its vibrant colors. The flavor becomes a spectacle for the eyes, as well as the palate. Elegant colorful packs are perfect as a gift, to be shared with friends and fanatics of the macaron, especially an indulgent thinking for themselves.


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