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Some frames from Eternal Memories

text Francesca Lombardi

September 26, 2022

Eternal Memories, the video game on Florence for Biaf

Great tribute to the city and its artistic heritage to bring young people closer to art

Borges claimed that forgetting is necessary so that the mind can select memories.

And in some ways it is this very selection that guides Eternal Memories, the first docu-game to approach art and a key moment of Florentine history in an interactive, playful manner.

Set in Florence at the time of the great flood of 1966, Eternal Memories pays homage to the city and its inexhaustible artistic heritage.

Frammenti di Eternal Memories

Magnificent illustrations of the historic centre of Florence accompany the player in a moving story that begins and ends at Palazzo Corsini, and recounts the dramatic days of the flood and the subsequent hopeful days when the city was saved by the “Mud Angels”.

It’s a story that conveys Florence’s international atmosphere, the passion for art it arouses and the spirit of solidarity that brought young people from all over the world to Florence to save its art.

The video game comes with period footage and original music, making it unique in the gaming world.

It is produced for BIAF by Golem Multimedia, in collaboration with TuoMuseo and with funding from Consultinvest.

“Available in Italian and English, Eternal Memories can be downloaded free on all smartphones and tablets”, explains journalist David Parenzo, who has been involved in the project from the outset. “It constitutes a new narrative format which can reach an audience of more that two billion regular users, bringing young people in particular into the world of antique art”.

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