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January 13, 2020

Exhibitions in town

Our selection until April 2020


From here to eternity.. is the meaning of Mummies. Journey towards immortality (until 2 Feb) at the Museo Archeologico. Faces and Stories. Ottavio Leoni (1578-1630) will run at the Fondazione CR (until 16 Feb). Also running for all of 2020:  Women protagonists of the 1900 in the Costume Gallery of Palazzo Pitti centred on XX century fashion. Two women take centre stage at the Museo del Novecento: Ra di Martino and Bice Lazzeri (until 13 Feb).

Palazzo Davanzati


Skies in a room. Wood ceilings in Florence and Rome in the Renaissance at the Uffizi (until 8 Mar). Also at the Uffizi: Pietro Aretino and Renaissance Art (until 3 Mar). Inside Magritte is the multimedia journey (until 1 Mar) at Santo Stefano al Ponte. A close-up view of the Medici with Cosimo I, Pouncings of a great fresco at the new Museo dei Medici (until 24 March). Picasso. The other half of the sky. Photography by Edward Quinn at Palazzo Medici Riccardi (until 1 Mar).

Palazzo Strozzi


Reality transformed by the installations of Argentine-born Tomàs Saraceno who has redesigned the interiors of Palazzo Strozzi (until 19 July). To learn more about Beauty and Nobility, fashion and furnishing ornaments of the 1600, Palazzo Davanzati (until 13 April) exhibits some curious rarities. The vastest collection of 1600 designs for embroidery and lace in existence. Did Collodi create a simple marionette? Enigma Pinocchio. From Giacometti to Lachapelle will be revealed at Villa Bardini (until 22 Mar). Palazzo Pitti highlights Giovanna Garzoni, the greatness of the universe (until 7 June). 

Santo Stefano a Ponte


At the feet of the gods. Footwear from antiquity to the present day (until the 19th) at Palazzo Pitti, to find out how we used to walk. Also at Palazzo Pitti  (until 23 June) there is an unusual exhibition on illuminated miniatures, decorative letters and much more: Stories of painted pages. The Uffizi pays a tribute to an Italian protagonist of the 1800s, a pre-macchiaiolo: Giuseppe Bezzuoli (1789-1855). A great protagonist of the Romanticism art movement (until 31 July).


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