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Muro del pianto fabio mauri
January 24, 2020

Fabio Mauri for Memorial Day

Great anticipation for the presentation of The Western Wall or the Crying of Mauri itself at the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio on the occasion of Memorial Day 2020

A new project by Museo Novecento OFF: the monumental work by Mauri Il Muro Occidentale o del Pianto will be visible from 27 January to 23 February in the Sala dei Gigli, where Donatello's Judith and Holofernes are kept.

On 27 January, on Memorial Day, the Museo Novecento will be free for the whole day. In addition, still at the Museum, Friday 24 and Monday 27 January will "relive" the historic performance of Fabio Mauri Ebrea (at 6.30 pm in the cinema, free admission subject to availability).

From 23rd to 27th January, the external loggia of the Museo Novecento will also host the installation Chinese Whispers by Simona Andrioletti and Riccardo Rudi, a relational work inspired by a verse by Giuseppe Ungaretti that reads Cerco un paese innocente.


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