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October 27, 2023

Fervolato, the chocolate you don't expect

Noalya brand launches a chocolate combining cocoa from Venezuela and Sagrantino raisin grapes

It had never happened that cocoa berries and grapes were fermented together. But there is always a first time. And it was this week in Ponsacco in the province of Pisa at Alessio Tessieri's Noalya chocolate factory where Fervolato was born, from a love marriage between the food of the gods (theobroma cacao) and the drink of the gods (theios oinos), between nectar and ambrosia, between chocolate and wine.

This new product requires going through a complex and painstaking journey through multiple fermentations, during which harmonious sounds and captivating and compelling aromas are created, dizzying for the breath and swirls of sensations for the flavors. Fervolato has no less than three fermentations in its family tree, that of cocoa berries, that of grape must and the joint one in the process that unites them. An innovative production process born precisely from Alessio Tessieri's experience with chocolate: from the plantation he owns in Venezuela to production with results of excellence, and which in this particular product is combined with one of the best names in Italian winemaking, the Sagrantino Passito di Montefalco produced by Arnaldo Caprai's winery.

Fervolato was born, from a love marriage between chocolate and wine

"Our commitment and vocation," says Tessieri himself, "is to source cocoa with a strong identity, such as Criollo, always taking care of the flavor, the forest, the tropical forests, the farmers, and the future benefits that our work will bring to people and the environment. An activity, his, always aimed at producing the best chocolate in an ethical and sustainable way. With this product we are faced with scents, aromas, tastes, textures that preserve the harmonies proper to the fruits of origin. By filtering them through complex fermentation processes, new harmonies are obtained that sublimate all the potentials of the character of cocoa and grapes.

Alessio Tessieri and Arnaldo Caprai

"We are two companies devoted to excellence," said Marco Caprai, "that came together to create something different and unique, but even more to put ourselves on the line and understand what, of each other, could create mutual value. The result is this chocolate that brings with it not only our maniacal search for excellence, but also innovation and technology."


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