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calendario di meo 2021
November 18, 2020

Florence and Naples protagonists of the Meo Calendar

Discover the wonderful images of Massimo Listri that tell the beauty of Re-naissance

Restoring life. The beauty, art and grace of cities and of those who have the desire and the courage to discover their ancient and still current wonders reappear. From Naples to Florence, and vice versa, this time it is time for a trip to the Renaissance. Or rather, in the dynamic Re-naissance. 

Tribuna degli Uffizi

Magic, ambitious, tenacious, is the objective of the 2021 edition of the Di Meo Calendar, a project of the cultural association "Di Meo vini ad arte" which establishes a special relationship between the Vesuvian capital and the city of the Arno. The visual narration of this retro and modern coexistence - in some ways even futuristic - is entrusted, as tradition has it, to Massimo Listri, the author of all the photographs that make up this inexhaustible album, almost as if it were a pass through the centuries. He immersed himself in the figurative works of Beato Angelico, Bronzino and Botticelli until he browsed through Buontalenti's Grotto and Alessandro Allori's Loggetta. Perceiving the silences of the Tribuna degli Uffizi and the Sala delle carte geografiche.

Bronzino, Eleonora di Toledo, particolare

Until the solemnity of the Laurentian Library and the Hall of Lilies, swaying then, slowly, with the gaze between the Basilica of Santo Spirito and the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre. 

To have.


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