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Compagnia XE c'è un tempo foto lucia baldini
February 10, 2022

La Democrazia del corpo 2022 at Cango of Firenze

Dal 24 febbraio al 30 aprile la nuova edizione della rassegna di danza creata da Virgilio Sieni

The first part of The Democracy of the Body 2022 (the second will be held in the fall) includes two months of programming with the proposals of some of the most significant protagonists of the contemporary scene.

CANGO, from February 24 to April 30, hosts performances by Compagnia Xe-Julie Ann Anzilotti, Romeo Castellucci, Fosca, Cob Compagnia Opus Ballet, Massimiliano Civica, Kinkaleri, Marco D'Agostin, Camilla Monga with Emanuele Maniscalco, Motus. A project by Virgilio Sieni curated by Centro di Produzione della Danza, it is realized thanks to the support of Fondazione CR Firenze, Comune di Firenze, Regione Toscana.

Marco D'Agostin Best Regards ph. Roberta Segata courtesy CentraleFies

The exhibition presents 9 projects (3 premieres and a total of 25 replicas), which investigate dance, body language, performing arts, to weave narratives rich in contamination and resonance that, for many of the protagonists, investigate the concept of time. The attention is placed on forms of awareness and sharing of art in its various forms of expression to return creative processes full of gestures, visions, details, research and poetic impulses that help to expand the artistic experience, cultural, participatory, drawing an emotional and perceptive map between artists and audience.

Thursday, February 24 begins with the Company Xe Julie Ann Anzilotti that presents There is a Time, a work that draws inspiration from themes related to time that are found in the biblical book of Qohelet or Ecclesiastes and that is part of a larger project to enhance the different abilities. On Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19, Romeo Castellucci, one of the most acclaimed artists on the international scene, shakes the viewer's gaze with Il Terzo Reich, a tight sequence and a frenzied jumbling of all the nouns of the Italian vocabulary, potentially representing all the objects of reality with a name, projected one by one to create the image of an inculcated and compulsory communication whose violence is equal to the claim of equality. Fosca with OrO (premiere on March 23rd) explores the transformations of two bodies that let themselves be possessed by anthropomorphic figures, strange goddesses, funny creatures, abstract and carnal, to reveal something perfect, simple, incorruptible, pure as gold.

Romeo Castellucci Il terzo Reich foto Karsten Piper

White Room (world premiere) by COB Compagnia Opus Ballet intends to explore the emotional aspects of winter, investigating its transposition in the form of a state of mind and portraying a dilation of time that stages the fatigue and perseverance of the human being (from March 31 to April 3).

On April 6, Massimiliano Civica in L'angelo e la mosca. Comments on the theater of the great Mystics illustrates aspects, behaviors and situations of the world of theater and its protagonists through the stories of Baal Shem Tov and the Rebbe of Shassidism, the stories of the Sufis and the poems of Jalal al-Din Rumi, the riddles of Zen and the parables of Jesus in the Apocryphal Gospels.

HellO° by Kinkaleri - on April 8 and 9 - the body of tragedy. Tragedy of language and of the body subjected to its laws. The only one of a body triumphant in its fragility, in its movements and stasis, in its intensity and color, in its desires and wonders, in its being the only certainty of presence and reality.

Kinkaleri HellO ph. Kinkaleri

Best Regards by Marco D'Agostin on April 14. A secular and pop tribute to give body and voice to the nostalgia of those who did not arrive in time to say what they wanted. Sull'attimo, premiering April 22 and 23, is the work by and with Camilla Monga and Emanuele Maniscalco: timeless time is the place of the memory of sounds and gestures that creep in among the many musical and choreographic variations explored, generating a change perceptible only in the moment that plays on compositional writing and improvisation.

CAMILLA MONGA EMANUELE MANISCALCO Sull'attimo ph. Matteo Maffesanti

Finally, on April 29 and 30, You were nothing but wind by Motus, in which Silvia Calderoni embodies the figure of Hecuba, a fierce woman, translating her desperation and fury.

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