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Lady Kitty Spencer Dolce&Gabbana

Text Teresa Favi

February 22, 2021

Lady D's Granddaughter in Love with Florence

Lady Kitty Spencer, appointed Dolce&Gabbana Global Ambassador, lived and studied art in our city

From her first appearance on the Dolce&Gabbana catwalks in 2017, to the opening of the Haute Couture show on the shores of Lake Como in 2018, to the numerous occasions that have seen her as a guest, Lady Kitty Spencer represents one of the female canons of the Dolce&Gabbana universe, thanks to her charm and innate class.

Lady Kitty Spencer, new global ambassador Dolce&Gabbana

The successful partnership between Kitty Spencer - granddaughter of Lady Diana and cousin of Princes William and Harry - and the Milanese fashion house, which a few months ago was the protagonist of a great tribute to the Florentine artisans, has reached its highest point with the appointment of Spencer as Global Ambassador of Dolce&Gabbana.

The stunning 30-year-old model and socialite, who grew up in Cape Town and is the daughter of Lady D's brother Charles Spencer and Victoria Lockwood, is very attached to Italy: she lived in Florence for a year while studying Italian Language and Art History and often returns to our country for her holidays.

I am truly honoured by this nomination," said Lady Kitty Spencer, wrapped in a little black dress and illuminated by baroque jewellery, two typical brand must-haves. "Domenico and Stefano celebrate the wonders of life: family, joy, beauty, colour and love. Working with them is always a new experience, a unique opportunity to rediscover Italian culture, art, know-how and lifestyle. When I wear their clothes, I feel their passion, they make me feel like the best version of myself".


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