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leonardo, serie tv 2021
March 3, 2021

Leonardo, the 2021 event series dedicated to the greatest Tuscan genius of all time

A Florence now far away in time is the setting for the new production signed by Rai Fiction and Lux Vide. The protagonist is Aidan Turner, with the revelation actress of the moment, Matilda de Angelis, by his side.

Leonardo, the 2021 event series, signed by Rai Fiction and Lux Vide, dedicated to the genius of geniuses, played by Aidan Turner, will be on air on Rai1 from March 15.

At his side, Matilda De Angelis, 25 years old, the revelation actress of the moment, just back from the success of the Hollywood series The Undoing, where she stars with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, called to inaugurate the 2021 edition of the Sanremo Festival. The beautiful and sparkling actress will play Caterina Da Cremona, friend and muse of Leonardo da Vinci, the woman he met at the age of twenty, when in Florence he entered as an apprentice in the workshop of Verrocchio (played by Giancarlo Giannini), and who changed his life.

A breathtaking setting, an ancient Florence reconstructed ad hoc to tell the story of a genius, but first and foremost a man. A complete portrait of Leonardo, which explores every aspect, each full of great charm.

8 episodes of 50 minutes each, broadcast in 4 evenings, the last of which will be on April 13.

An international project - filmed on Italian soil, but in English - on air in a world premiere on Rai1.


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