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April 11, 2017

Lo scoppio del carro in Florence

Sunday, April 1 do not miss the traditional rite of Easter

Easter in Florence also means Explosion of the Cart . According to tradition, the ceremony of " explosion of the cart " would be connected to the first crusade , preached by the Bishop of Florence , Ranieri which was attended by over two thousand five hundred citizens , under the command of Pazzino Ranieri de ' Pazzi .

In July 15, 1099 , after a long siege, the Crusader army conquered Jerusalem ; Pazzino would have been the first to raise the Christian banner on the walls of the holy city , and would have received as a gift from Godfrey IV Duke of Buillon (called Bouillon ) , of Lower Lorraine, three flakes of stone from the Holy Sepulchre of Christ , then jealously guarded and brought to Florence in 1101 .

Store in a first time by the Pazzi family , the three stones were used to derive a spark of fire "new " ( all Easter symbol of new life ) distributed then , after the blessing , to individual households to rekindle the hearth.

It spread to Florence so use at Jerusalem during the Crusades , to distribute to the clergy and people of the " holy fire " as a sign of Christ's Resurrection .

Today The decorated float , also called the " Brindellone " , 3 storeys high , is pulled by two oxen adorned with garlands around the streets of Florence , in Piazza del Duomo between the Baptistery and the Cathedral .

Everything BEGINNING Easter Sunday at around 11 am, from the altar of the Cathedral . While inside the church singing the Gloria, the archbishop turn the holy dove-shaped rocket (called just " the Columbine ," which symbolizes the Holy Spirit ) , this in turn flies out of the church along a wire going to hit the Chariot in the square , creating a spectacular fireworks that meet the applause of the entire audience . The ritual will then turn on all the fireworks , the symbol of a harvest rich and prosperous and good luck for the city and its citizens.

Do not we wish you a happy Easter !


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