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piatto ricetta pesce

Teresa Favi

April 10, 2020

Massimiliano Ciregia of Il Votapentole di Castiglion della Pescaia and its Spaghetti with Cicadas

A recipe that smells like the sea, for your springtime

Sympathy and genuineness. These are the winning cards of the Osteria del Mare already Il Votapentole. A historic restaurant in Castiglione della Pescaia, headed by chef Massimiliano Ciregia, his wife Monica and their children. The menu is based on the use of products purchased according to the offer of the season and the market. To enjoy a true and sincere fish cuisine.
Here you are the chef's Spaghetti with seafood cicadas!

Ingredients for 4 people
400gr of bronze drawn spaghetti 
600 gr of cicadas 
4 cloves of garlic A tuft of parsley Extra virgin olive oil 
Chilli pepper to taste

Massimiliano Ciregia dell'Osteria del Mare

In a frying pan heat the oil with garlic (whole only crushed, or seen The period of limited social relations we can also afford to break it and make the dish more incisive garlic), the chili pepper depending on your degree of tolerance and a tuft of parsley.
The cicadas are deprived of the head with which we make a little broth that we whisk and sieve. The bodies instead we cut them into pieces in the pan and cook them for a minute.
In plenty of salted water we cook the spaghetti and drain them directly into the pan well al dente.
We cook with a little bit of cicadas broth and work the spaghetti to obtain a nice density of the sauce.
To eat very hot without wasting too much time in improbable implants, the eye wants its share but the taste claims its sacred rights!


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