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Niccolò Incisa della Rocchetta

text Teresa Favi

February 4, 2020

Nicolo Incisa della Rocchetta recounts the myth of Sassicaia

Marquis Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta, son of the legendary Mario, and the history of the most famous Tuscan wine in the world

Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta, born in Rome, from Piedmontese father and Tuscan-American mother, tells about the Sassicaia. The Italian wine that is maybe the most famous in the world and its producer need no introduction. We have interviewed him.

What makes the Sassicaia a wine unique in the world?

Undoubtedly the fact that we have never been influenced by fashions and that we have always wanted the style of our wine to be based on  elegance and, above all, on the expression of  the territory and  of its own vocations

Sassicaia and Bolgheri: how did this connection start?

I am rather sure it started in the Fourties.

When you understood that the Sassicaia was so special?

It was in the half of the Fifties, after a rather long period of aging that gave an added value to the wine’s original characteristics.

What is your reference market?

Every  market. Every reality has its characteristics, but we need to be present everywhere. At the same time, we can’t deny that markets like the U.S. and Asia are really important as far as the volumes of sales are concerned. 

What are the characteristics of the average consumer of your wine?

Our average customer loves the main characteristics of the Sassicaia: finesse due to tannins in balance, complexity, intensity and persistence.

In the wine sector you represent the top quality Made-in-Italy. Having seen that we don’t lack quality wines in Italy, what do we need to compete with France, also in terms of advertising and marketing?

France has  150 years of history and experience in this sector in comparison to Italy, and a stronger corporate spirit as well.

Projects for the future? 

To keep carry on the work of my father, without changing anything .

What does Nicolò choose when he goes out to dinner with his friends?

Many Italian and international wines are excellent. I always look for wines that are of local production, and when I am travelling abroad I often  have the opportunity to taste products that I would have  never thought of trying before. 

A working day in your company. What is your favorite moment? 

When  the horse are excercised early in the morning, I like looking at them.

Wine and horses, which one would you give the first place?

Horses are a source of the greatest emotions for me, but also of the greatest frustration. 

How do you see Tuscan wines in about 20 years? 

I think there will be a great selection among wine producers, so we will have to concentrate ever more on products that will fully remind to the territory.


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