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July 23, 2015

Orti e Cenacoli, in the beautiful Cloisters of Florence

Until September, a calendar of suggestive dinners immersed in the art

From the vegetable garden of Podere Cascine to the table, in the picturesque cenacle of Santo Spirito: the fruits and vegetables grown by the students of the Agricultural Institute is entrusted to the hands of the expert chef Marco Stabile, who inaugurated, Thursday 11 June, a series of dinners inspired by Orti e Cenacoli, one of the main projects of Work'nFlorence.

The event, at 7.30pm, with entrance from Piazza Santo Spirito, includes a visit to artworks of the complex. The evening will continue in the cloister of Santo Spirito with a dinner inspired by the rich history and iconography of the place.

The first of a series of suggestive dinners, prepared by some of the most talented chefs in Tuscany, including Filippo Saporito, Maria Probst, dedicated to the themes of Expo2015 with the aim of promoting the extraordinary beauty of the citizens cenacles and back to 'idea of simplicitas inspired by the cookbooks of the religious orders, looking for a return to the simplicity of the food and its profound symbolic value.

The calendar of dinners:

2 July - Chiostro San Marco - Chef Maria Probst
16 July - Chiostro Santo Spirito - Chef Filippo Saporito
10 September - Chiostro San Marco – (il nome dello chef verrà ufficializzato a breve)
24 September - Chiostro Ognissanti (the name of the chef will be made official shortly) 

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