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Leone Marzotto at Peck, Forte dei Marmi

text Martina Olivieri

June 25, 2022

Our interview with Leone Marzotto

Peck's CEO tells us about the new project in Forte dei Marmi

A history made up of tradition, passion, quality and excellence. Peck, the historic Milanese food and wine brand and wine shop, landed a year ago in Forte dei Marmi and seems to have won everybody over at once. It is the fourth shop in Italy, the first one outside of Milan. CEO Leone Marzotto explains the reason why they made this choice.

Peck, a symbol of Milanese tradition and excellence, moved from Lombardy to Tuscany. Why did you choose Forte dei Marmi?

Versilia is a land rich in culinary tradition and excellent basic ingredients. We brought to Forte dei Marmi not only a delicatessen and wine shop, but also all our passion and tradition.

What is your philosophy?

Pursuing excellence in the food and wine field, staying true to tradition and respecting the whole chain from producer to customer.

What kind of services do you offer in Forte dei Marmi?

Home delivery, of course, but also a consultancy service for those who wish to set up a pantry for summer or the storeroom for boat trips. Our sommeliers are available to help customers with creating a wine cellar, and we prepare and deliver dishes made to order for home events. We also offer services for small or big events on request.

Peck, Forte dei Marmi

Your delicatessen is very well-known, but you also have a renowned wine shop in Milan. Is it the same in Forte dei Marmi?

Yes it is, we brought to Forte dei Marmi a very well-stocked wine cellar with 500 labels, including rare and prestigious wines. From Italy to France, from big producers to small winegrowers discovered by our sommeliers.

Is there a specialty you count on in Versilia?

Vitello tonnato is one of our great bestsellers here. We also offer Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche bianche cheese and a number of summer recipes, such as rice salads and cold pasta with cereals, vegetables and legumes. As for wine, the bestsellers are Champagne, Supertuscans, white Burgundy and our  Limoncello Peck liqueur made with Sorrento lemons.

Are you planning to open other branches?

Yes, at the end of the year we are planning to open a branch in Doha with a local partner in a prestigious location. The concept is a restaurant with delicatessen.

Your favorite places in Forte dei Marmi.

Pesce baracca for informal but quality cuisine, Gilda for a dinner on the beach, Filippo to feel at home and Lorenzo on a special occasion.

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