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August 1, 2019

Palio di Siena

16 august it runs in the Piazza del Campo in Siena Palio di Provenzano. Exclusive the program for you

Considered by many as the most important historical event and festival and famous of Italy, the Palio race is named, not only in Siena, from the prize: the Palio, from the Latin Pallium (woolen cloak), was generally a drape very fine cloth that was used for different purposes. In Siena, in general, was intended for the church of the district winner. According to some sources, was probably in memory of the memorable battle of Montaperti (1260) and the narrow escape that the Sienese decided to call the famous Palio. The Palio is "runs" in Piazza del Campo twice a year in July and August. The Palio race held on July 2 is named Palio di Provenzano, what takes place on August 16 is called the Palio dell’Assunta.



August 16 - Palio dell'Assunta

7.45 am Piazza del Campo: “Messa del Fantino", celebrated in the Cappella della Piazza.
9 am Piazza del Campo: "Provaccia" ultimate test.
3 pm In each Contrada: dressing of Comparsa, blessing of the horse
3.50 pm Palazzo del Governo, Piazza Duomo: departure of the "Corteo Storico"
4.50 pm Piazza del Campo: Entrance Procession in Piazza
7.00 pm Piazza del Campo: Race Start of the Palio. Then celebrating the streets of the center of the district winner of the Palio.

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