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September 7, 2015

Pitti Fragranze n.13

11 to 13 September 2015, in Florence will be showcasing the best international artistic perfumery

Where: Stazione Leopolda, When: 11 to 13 September 2015. The 13th edition of Pitto Fragrances this year shows a kaleidoscope Olfactory,
with the language of color to inspire the universe of fragrances; including special projects the journey between the shapes, the colors and scents of the "art" and the new installation-event organized exclusively by Chandler Burr

Exceptional observatory on the world of perfume, fragrances stages the most valuable species, the high quality artisan products for the beauty and well-being of the body, but also cosmetic preparations and sophisticated accessories, offered by more than 230 brands most qualified in the world scene.
Every year in September, the biggest names in the industry and noses most prestigious international meet in Florence to discuss the new trend of olfactory culture and the endless connections between the world of perfumes and contemporary lifestyle.

It will be a real kaleidoscope Olfactory the new layout of the hall, designed by Alexander Moradei: a unique trip that will take visitors on a kaleidoscopic experience between effects of refraction and reflections liquid, light and color raids.

Among the events and special projects for this edition:

The special participation of CHANDLER BURR with
installation-event "ART OBJECTS. FORM, COLOUR, BOUQUET "

RAW, the new format that tells the raw material of perfume: the protagonist in this edition BERGAMOT CALABRO

At Pitti Fragrances also participate MANE, a French world leader in the creation of fragrances and flavors, for 140 years a family run Mane. During a special talk at the Stazione Leopolda, MANE introduce you to a fascinating journey through natural and synthetic raw materials, classic and modern.

WEST COAST VS EUROPE: market scenarios in comparison
Comparison of the market scenarios of the West Coast and Europe will also chair a meeting-talk that will actually talk of prestige fragrance as the Los Angeles-store Lucky Scent, place of worship for lovers of the area and Jovoy Paris, Mecca of Parisian perfume brands present at the show.


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