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Alcune foto di Postcards from Florence

Sofia Doni

April 22, 2021

Polimoda launches a virtual exhibition dedicated to Florence. Postcards from Florence

Students from the famous fashion school celebrate the city with extraordinary black and white shots

You can visit the virtual exhibition Postcards from Florence by clicking here.

Massimiliano Giornetti, il direttore di Polimoda

What it is

It is a project wanted by the new director Massimiliano Giornetti that sees the involvement of 30 young students from all over the world and that has led to the creation of 150 black and white shots accompanied by words, slogans and feelings of the students. A real collection that tells the city as it is, without filters, exactly as the twenty-year-olds of today live it. All this because Florence enters people's hearts, becoming part of the formative growth of young students.

Alcune foto di Postcards from Florence


There are many locations that are the protagonists of the shots, including: Piazza del Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Loggiato degli Uffizi, Piazza della Signoria, Piazza della Repubblica, Santa Maria Novella... Florence is a wonderful background wherever you turn!

Alcune foto di Postcards from Florence

A dialogue between the city and digital culture

Starting from the map of the city, visitors can virtually move through the different locations in Florence, letting themselves be carried away by the images and (in parallel) getting to know the students through their portraits and stories. In fact, the online platform includes the self-discovery stories of each of them revealing how, for those coming from outside, the grand Renaissance city appears.

Alcune foto di Postcards from Florence

We cite a couple of them.

"The city drew me in, the vibrant atmosphere made me stay. The pristine beauty, art and culture resonate with me like no other city ever could. A city that makes you wish time would slow down to savor every precious moment it has to offer you before another day begins. It becomes your safe haven. Your place to grow, learn and travel in self-discovery" says Janie from South Africa.

"If you had asked me as a child to dream about where I wanted to study and who I was supposed to become, I couldn't have gotten a better idea of the life I have today" Polina from Russia.

Alcune foto di Postcards from Florence

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