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sandro veronesi

Francesca Lombardi

March 31, 2020

Sandro Veronesi is the protagonist of special readings

Meeting with the brilliant Tuscan author. Find out which novel he chose to read us

It is not so easy to read these days: time is not lacking, the ability to stop thoughts about something different from the present is lacking.    

"This is the most beautiful part of all literature: discovering that your desires are universal desires, that you are not alone or isolated from anyone. You belong." (Francis Scott Fitzgerald)

Il Colibrì, the last and poignant book by Sandro Veronesi

Belonging, that really is the most important feeling in this moment of global loneliness. Following in the wake of this thought, we have asked some writers of this land to read for us a page of a book, either from them or from another author. To entrust this text with a message, to give us relief, to throw some light in this chaos or even just not to feel lonely ...
Let's start with Sandro Veronesi. The case wanted us to publish it on his birthday. Best wishes Sandro, and thanks for this page from Beata rassicurazione, the first of the 3 novels that make up the book Piccoli Eroi by Allan Gurganus.

Thanks also for the music in the background: the unpublished ballad Murder Most Faul that Bob Dylan released a few days ago and recounts the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the broken dreams of the 60s.

Allan Gurganus' Little Heroes

Another dark moment in our story. Let's make room for the beautiful song read by Sandro and "be careful and God bless you" as Dylan said giving this poignant ballad to his fans and the whole world. 


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