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Monopattini elettrici firenze

Text Teresa Favi

January 11, 2021

Scooters for hire have arrived in Florence

The sharing service of electric scooters and scooters gives the possibility of moving easily around the historic centre

In Florence, since December, the electric scooter and scooter rental service has been in operation, alongside electric cars and bicycles.

On the electric mobility front, the Florentine fleet consists of 900 scooters, 600 mopeds and 220 cars, which can be used in 'free flow' mode, i.e. a method that allows the vehicle not to be returned to the place where it was rented.

Monopattini elettrici, il servizio sharing a Firenze


There are two scooter rental companies:

  • TiMove

  • Bit Mobiliy (Bird)

TiMove requires 1 euro to unlock the scooter and offers a consumer rate of 15 cents per minute.

Bit Mobility requires 1 euro for unlocking, consumer rate of 15 cents per minute, 50 cents per minute during breaks.

In addition to the compulsory insurance foreseen for sharing services, at the request of the municipality, the scooters have an identification number. There are precise constraints for parking in order to avoid wild parking: users can only park in well-defined areas.

The maximum speed is 25 km/h on the carriageway and 6 km/h in pedestrian areas.
From half an hour after sunset and during the day if weather conditions require, it is necessary to turn on headlights, wear a high visibility reflective vest or braces.
From 1 February, by order of the Mayor, all scooter users must wear helmets.

The rules:

  • The driver must be at least 14 years old and wear a helmet if he or she is a minor (from 1 February helmets are compulsory for everyone).

  • The speed limit is 25 km/h, reduced to 6 km/h in pedestrian areas.

  • Mandatory front and rear lights.

  • Requirement to wear a reflective jacket or braces in low light and during the day, in particular weather conditions.

  • Not carrying other people, objects or animals.

  • Not being towed by another vehicle.


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