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December 20, 2018

Skiing in Tuscany everything you need to know

Starting from Abetone, our top list for a weekend in the snow

The Tuscan Apennines: a variety of winter sports to be discovered and rediscovered, but also a territory with a deep-rooted, old food and wine tradition that is strongly linked to the inimitable products and productions of the territory. Here some suggestions on what to do, where to go, the contacts and the gourmet addresses you will need to turn a week end or a week in the snow into a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature, sports and good food.
It is known as one of the best ski resorts in the Apennines. The cable car links Abetone with Mount Gomito. The four valleys of the area, Val di Luce, Valle dello Scotenna, Valle del Sestaione and Val di Lima, offer 50 Kilometers alpine skiing slopes and a 8-km ring-shaped track for cross-country skiing: a very beautiful ski track in the natural, biogenetic reserve of red and white spruces, whose first kilometers are great also for beginners. In nearby Pian di Novello, there is another beautiful cross-country skiing trail, Orto di Giovannino, considered to be one of the most beautiful cross-country courses in the Pistoia Apennines. It is a ring that stretches for 10 kilometers through the impressive State Forest. Every year, the European Ski Cup is held in Abetone. We suggest you go skiing in the moonlight on full moon days and dine inon a mountain shelter.
Skipass: : Abetone Multipass central ticket office (ph. 0573 600556). Schools: Ski school Abetone (ph. 0573 60032), Ski School Montegomito (ph. 0573 60392), Colò Ski School (ph. 0573 607077), Ski School Val di Luce Dogana (ph. 339 4010090), Italian Val di Luce Ski School (ph. 0536 73533), Alpe 3 Potenze Ski School (ph. 331 2326941), Doganaccia 2000- Italian Ski School (ph. 333 5392487), Italian Snowboard School (ph. 366 8168154). 
Cross-Country ski schools: Giordano Mazzolini (ph. 338 8223209) gives private and group ski lessons every day.
But the real attraction of the moment in Abetone is snowshoeing. In this case, you’d rather rely on local guides and associations, which offer, beside personalized snowshoeing walks, a calendar of group excursions as well. Snowshoeing Guides: Giordano Mazzolini (ph. 338 8223209), Caispolappennino (Davide 328 8289895), Ski College Selletta (Fausto ph. 348 7808456, Andrea 333 4966655) Where to eat La Capannina (gourmet, in Abetone, ph. 0573 60562), La Casina (rustic, in Abetone, ph. 0573 60073), Baita del Pulicchio (rustic and panoramic, at the top of the Pulicchio lift, ph. 0573 60186), Fagiolino (in Cutigliano, rustic, ph. 0573 68014), the Val di Luce Spa Resort Restaurant (at the bottom of the mountain, a gourmet and elegant spot, ph. 0573 60961), Rifugio Chalet Le Rocce (accessible only by skies, rustic, panoramic, terrace with solarium ph. 339 4728067). Where to purchase local products: La bottega di Loli (jams and mushrooms, ph. 0573 60041), Sapori del Lago Nero (cookies and tarts, in the nearby village of Pian degli Ontani, ph. 0573 312 0573), La Latteria (cheeses and yoghurt, Cutigliano ph. 0573 68280).
Other ski resorts in Tuscany: Careggine, on the slopes of Sumbra Mount in the Garfagnana region, in the heart of the Natural Park of the Apuan Alps (Formica has two lifts and two alpin skiing tracks, Vianova a 750-meter school camp, while Mount La Cima three-kilometer ski tracks also for beginners and less expert skiers); Casone di Profecchia, in the Municipality of Castiglione di Garfagnana, a small ski resort on the top of the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan Apennines (three ski lifts, one school camp, one bob track and sleighs and three 15-kilometer rings for cross-country skiing); Mount Amiata in the province of Grosseto (8 ski lifts and 10-kilometer slopes for alpine skiing, 12 tracks with snowmaking to cover the whole ski area of Vetta, Prato delle Macinaie, Prato della Contessa, Rifugio Cantore and Pian della Marsiliana); Zum Zeri, a small ski resort in the Lunigiana region in the Municipality of Zeri and in the province of Massa, bordering with Liguria and Emilia (highest peak at 1,600 meters, a chair lift and a ski lift for 8 kilometers easy and average slopes).


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