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Acqua San Felice


July 10, 2020

Acqua Sanfelice, style is an bottle

Acqua San Felice mineral water comes with an elegant new dress that honours its Tuscan origins

Tell me what mineral water you put on paper and I'll tell you what a caterer you are. Surely, whoever chooses the Acqua San Felice to bring to the tables One who goes beyond the anonymous bottle of the mineral, cares about quality, the added value of the territory and sustainability. Yes, because this is the identity card of the oligomineral water made in Tuscany that flows naturally on the slopes of the Pistoia Apennines and is bottled at source by the company of the same name that applies with conviction the criteria of the circular economy: here everything is recycled.

Famous and in demand also for its beautiful dress, it is in fact the first Tuscan water to be bottled in a transparent Bordeaux, the Acqua Sanfelice for some months has abandoned the original dress to wear an even more original.

Acqua Sanfelice Packaging

The new bottle, which surpasses the previous Bordeaux format in appearance, recalls the rounded and elongated shapes of the beautiful bottles of fine Tuscan wines.
It tightens at the bottom and ends with a flaring at the base that gives it a momentum and elegance never seen before; without renouncing the metal screw cap in pendant with the unmistakable black, grey or red label, it goes with the smooth, slightly sparkling or sparkling type.

At the table the primordial element that enters the glass can make the difference and the many Tuscan restaurateurs who have chosen Acqua San Felice know it well. Four good reasons why it should not be missing from the menu of a restaurant? "The water is good, it's oligomineral with the right balance of salts, it's a product of the territory and it's beautiful because it comes with an excellent dress, a guarantee of quality and certified purity," stresses Vieri Ceccherini, owner of the company that manages the San Felice plant.

san felice fonte

San Felice Natural Mineral Water is a natural spring that springs from sandstone rocks.
It is an oligomineral water (light), underground, deep and protected, microbiologically pure at the origin, authorized by the Ministry of Health. It comes out of a natural rock spring, from the woods it reaches the bottling plant where, since 1961, only returnable glass bottles have been used (as in the past).

"Often the brand doesn't interest the guests of a restaurant. And yet, there is water and water: each type has different characteristics and flavours, perceptible even to the palate of non-experts," explains Ceccherini. Water, on the other hand, pairs exactly like wine, capable of influencing the taste of the dishes: the bubbles of San Felice, thanks to the very fine effervescence that comes from the low temperature of the spring water, go perfectly with fish dishes. A pleasure for the eyes and a feast for the palate. The smooth variant is perfect to accompany meat dishes, and is magnificent in combination with Florentine steak. The slightly fizzy version goes well with fried food and pasta dishes.

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