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I Nuovi e la Compagnia del Teatro La Comunità durante le prove di The Dubliners ph. Filippo Manzini
October 1, 2021

The Dubliners opens the Pergola's season, from 1 to 14 October 2021

In the oldest theatre in Florence, redesigned for the occasion, the last of Joyce's stories is staged

The Teatro della Pergola reopens its theatre season with the national premiere (until 14 October) of The Dubliners by Giancarlo Sepe, with the Compagnia Teatro La Comunità and the Nuovi brought together by a master of genre contamination.
Sepe, an interpreter of theatre as a synthesis of all the arts, becomes for the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana, which is producing The Dubliners, the fundamental reference point for a new artistic path involving young people and which, in overcoming genres and distinctions, offers them the possibility of exploring the unpredictable and learning to constantly overcome their own limits.

In a Pergola redesigned for the occasion, the last of the stories, The Dead, and the twelfth, Ivy Day in the Committee Room, of the fifteen written by James Joyce at the beginning of the twentieth century about the static and alienated existence of the Dubliners to which the author belonged, are staged. The scenes disappear and the spectator is immersed in the grey, smoky atmosphere of a Dublin where tired, exhausted characters drag themselves along in the vain hope of finding a momentum, a jolt of life. It is a collection of epiphanies, with a city that Joyce transfigures into a religious revelation, to make clear to his fellow citizens that they are at the centre of a spiritual paralysis, corrupted and oppressed by rules that are as useless as they are cruel.


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