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November 4, 2016

The Fall at the table of the restaurant Villa Cora

The new tasting menu with seasonal ingredients. And from November 6 returns the expected appointment of the Sunday Brunch

The cuisine of the restaurant Villa Cora is renewed with the scents and traditional flavors of autumn. The executive chef Alessandro Liberatore adds to his signature dishes such as pigeon: Chest in Distressed Cocoa Beans, the drumsticks Crisp, Foie Gras and Baby Spinach, two new complete tasting menu based on white truffles and mushrooms, principles of autumn table, that throughout the month of November will offer recipes with fine white tuber of San Miniato and mushrooms of all kinds.

Also present in a vegan menu, created by the chef to complete the offer of the restaurant with a selection of high quality food and personal but completely faithful to the vegan philosophy, where the freshly picked vegetables in the garden of fragrances are combined with more exotic items like tofu and seitan.

The rotation of the ingredients according to the seasons is the underlying theme of the Villa Cora Sunday Brunch which starts from November 6 with all revisions of the most gluttonous times of year, such as the grape and the olio nuovo, and creative reworkings of gastronomic trend as street food.

Every Sunday will alternate in the new buffet dishes gourmet fruits and valuable raw materials from renowned local manufacturers like Le Selve of Vallolmo.

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