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November 16, 2015

The Florentine Andrea Galanti is the best sommelier 2015

A pair of ace door AIS Tuscany on the two highest steps of the podium of the national competition

One unforgettable Sunday for AIS Tuscany: Andrea Galanti Florence is the Best Sommelier of Italy 2015. Already Best Sommelier AIS Tuscany, winner of the Master of the Soave and the Master of the Sangiovese, the sommelier Florentine closes its 2015 with the best possible result , going up to the top step of the national competition, joined by another Tuscan Massimo Tortora Livorno who finished second overall.

"What I feel today is a feeling of great satisfaction - said immediately after the proclamation of the President of AIS Tuscany Osvaldo Baroncelli - because it is proof that young people who come to the sommelier and choose to take this path are really motivated, they believe in 'Association, but also have a great enthusiasm that animates their desire to get involved anyway. Young people like those we see today on the highest podium of the Italian Sommelier - Andrea has just 31 years - a guarantee for the future of our Association. Behind these results, there is so much work, so much time spent studying but also a great desire to do even better and not feel never arrived. A great opportunity for AIS Tuscany confirming the validity of their school contests led by Simona Gonzo, but above for them an important springboard for the future, made of professional and employment opportunities and growth. "

Andrea Galanti, young professional sommelier, is the owner of the historic Gastronomia Galanti family shop in Florence, but also a spearhead for AIS Tuscany: Best Sommelier of Tuscany in 2015, but even before third place in 2012 to the Premio bishop of Prosecco that is held in Conegliano, in 2013 and 2014 runner-up for the Best Sommelier of Tuscany, always in 2014 to sixth overall Best Sommelier of Italy and in 2015, before climbing on the roof of the Italian sommelier, he won over to the regional title also Master of Sangiovese and the Master of Soave.

"To say I am delighted is an understatement - said Andrea Galanti during the ceremony - after the regional title today become Italian champion is a feeling that can not be described. An exciting experience that I have tried to live better without getting caught by the emotion of limestone a stage so important. I still do not understand, but I can say that I enjoyed it a lot. I think it's the spirit with which to address these important competitions. Prove to be prepared is not enough: it also serves a lot of grit and the confidence that It acquired only through experience. "

No less mate "team" Massimo Tortora, owner Livorno Enoteca 'La Cantina di Massimo' that can boast a resume in 2015 made important statements: First place in the Master of Nebbiolo, Vermentino and Master of Master of Lambrusco and second place in the Master of Soave, Best Sommelier of Tuscany in 2015 and today the national competition.

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