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vintage in tuscany

text Teresa Favi

September 1, 2022

The grape harvest in Tuscany: how to participate, visits and picnics among the vineyards

The most beautiful grape harvests in Tuscany where you can experience them

Between late summer and early autumn, the Tuscan hills come alive as never before, because in this region that produces great wines, the grape harvest has always been a celebration. Many wine cellars open to the public, offering the opportunity to experience close contact between rows of vines, bunches of grapes and shears. 

Chianti Classico vintage

It is therefore the right season to take a tour of the most scenic vineyards and the most renowned farms, because it is precisely now that you can understand how the production process begins, learn about the curiosities and secrets of the perfect grape harvest in a special atmosphere: during the day, the sun's September rays, more slanted than in full summer, offer softly golden and nuanced views of the landscape, while the colours of the vegetation slowly begin to bend towards the reds, yellows and browns of autumn. 

Picking grapes by hand in a vineyard in Maremma


Traditionally located in September, harvest time has been extended over the last twenty years: it begins in August and ends in late October.

In the territories facing or close to the Tyrrhenian coast - those of Morellino and Montecucco in the Maremma, Bolgheri and Val di Cornia in the province of Livorno, the Colline Pisane, Montecarlo in the province of Lucca to Lunigiana in the province of Massa Carrara - harvesting begins in mid-August and lasts until the end of September. The Sangiovese grapes of Chianti Classico, Chianti and Brunello are harvested between September and October.  

Vintage in Maremma at podere 414

The timing of the harvest, which can vary a few weeks more or less each year depending on weather conditions, is dictated by a number of determining factors: 1) the geographic position of the vineyard (grapes from a vineyard facing the coast ripen faster than those from an estate in the interior of the region); 2) the height of the cultivated land in relation to sea level (at 100 metres above sea level, they ripen earlier than at 300 metres above sea level); 3) the type of grape variety: Pinot, Sauvignon and Chardonnay (the production of white and sparkling wines) are harvested first, then it is the turn of Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah, and finally come the late varieties such as Sangiovese and Canaiolo; 4) last but not least, the climate change that is causing temperatures to rise in both winter and summer, which leads to an acceleration of the ripening process of the grapes.

HarvestingHarvest detail


At this time of year, you will be surprised at the large number of small farms that happily accept extra help in their vineyards. Always remember to remind the owners when booking that you would like to participate in the planned activities. Although they can hardly guarantee the exact period during which the grape harvest will take place, if they know from the outset that you are interested they will inform you upon arrival and invite you to participate.

La vendemmia in Toscana

You can check the website of the Movimento Turistico del Vino (a non-profit organisation that brings together about one hundred members from among the most prestigious wineries in the area, selected on the basis of specific requirements, first and foremost that of the quality of the wine tourism reception) where the member wineries open to the public during the grape harvest and their programmes are listed. These range from grape harvesting for the family, with the possibility for the little ones to press the grapes with their feet, to guided tours by oenologists to explain the key stages step by step. Then picnics on the vine rows at sunset, at the end of the grape harvest, as well as grape harvest lunches and dinners, as tradition dictates. 


From the picture-postcard vineyards of Bolgheri and the Etruscan Coast to the noble DOCGs, such as Brunello, Chianti Classico (click here for Gaiole, here for Greve, and here for Radda, here for Panzano), Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Vernaccia di San Gimignano, to the emerging territories of Val di Cornia and Lunigiana, to the magical landscapes of Val Orcia, the bucolic landscapes of the Maremma, or the more historic ones of Carmignano and Chianti Rufina

La vendemmia in Toscana


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A taste of the opportunities for the 2022 harvest:


Buccia Nera
Campriano, Arezzo
ph. +39 05751696461 -

Dates: 10-11-17-18 - 24-25 SEPTEMBER
Title: Children's Harvest

Once again this year, Buccia Nera is pleased to offer young and old alike the opportunity to participate in the grape harvest by spending a few hours outdoors among the rows of vines. This event will be organised on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 September to 25 September. We would like to remind you that the experience will be possible only and exclusively by confirmed and agreed booking with the winery.
The scheduled time of the experience is from 10.30 to 14.00 and includes:
10.30 Manual grape harvest, crushing with the feet for the children, tour of the winery to see the processing and ageing process.
12.00 Tasting of two wines and our oil.
13.00 Delivery of a picnic basket containing, TOMATO PAPPING, BREAD, SQUASH WITH GRAPES, a basket made of biodegradable material and water.
You can stay to rest and walk among our vineyards or in the forest path near the wine cellar.
Blankets and blankets are not provided by the farm.
Possibility of staying on the farm, please contact the winery for costs and availability.


Booking required: 3474065645
Cost per person 50 euro adults / 30 euro children 2-12 years old / 40 euro children 13-17 years old


Fattoria di Poggiopiano
Via dei bassi, 13 – Girone – Fiesole (FI) | 3384342483

Dates: October 2022
Title and programme IN PROGRESS

Lamole di Lamole
Via Lamole, Loc. Lamole, Greve in Chianti (FI)
ph. +39 3420912853 -

Dates: Friday to Sunday from 23 September to 30 October
Title: The Harvest at Lamole

A unique opportunity to discover how our wines are born, in the most awaited period of the year! The tour starts in the vineyards, continues in the Vinification Cellar, where it will be possible to see the Sangiovese processes, and then in the 14th century Historical Cellar where the ageing of the wines takes place. This will be followed by a tasting of the 4 Chianti Classico wines at the Salotto di Lamole.
Booking required
Cost per person 25 euros


Fattoria La Maliosa
Loc. Podere Monte Cavallo (+39) 3271860416

Dates: Every Saturday in September and October at 16.00 and every Sunday in September and October at 12.00
Title and natural sin:
Saturday event: Picnic on the Skydeck between the vineyards at sunset with natural wine
Sunday event: Picnic brunch on the Skydeck among the vines with panoramic views of the Maremma hills

Arrive at our winery, where you will receive your picnic basket with a bottle of our natural wine, Maremma cold cuts and cheeses, sliced Tuscan bread with our organic EVO oil, water, biscuits and fresh fruit. A vegetarian or vegan alternative is also available on request. Then reach our new Skydeck, a large 'table d'orientation' that opens a 360° view of the natural landscape of the Tuscan Maremma, from Giglio Island to Monte Amiata, from Pitigliano to Monte Argentario. Designed by Officina82, the Skydeck, unique in the Maremma, was placed in the centre of the Vigna Corino, a garden vineyard located on the summit of Monte Cavallo, the highest point on the estate. It echoes the circular lines of the vineyard, following them and blending into the natural environment, enhancing it and creating an innovative and interactive Belvedere. Here, you will find yourself at the centre of a wooden platform that marks out angles and lines, allowing you to highlight and connect places, always displaying exactly the position indicated, creating an interaction and experience of fusion with the landscape, summarising the very concept of a wide-ranging view.
Booking required: - (+39) 3271860416
Cost per person 29 euros.


Franco Pacenti
Loc. Canalicchio di Sopra, 6 - Montalcino (SI) - +39 0577/849277 – +39 320/7685330

Dates: 3-4 September 2022 - 8-9 October 2022
Title: 'Trekking & Picnic in the Vineyard'.
Waiting for the grape harvest 3-4 September 2022 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
Waiting for the grape harvest 8-9 October 2022 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

A walk through the vineyards to get to know the peculiarities of our terroir, tasting the excellence of Montalcino. A day for young and old, immersed in the Tuscan countryside in total relaxation, to delight body and mind.
Welcome of guests with tour of the winery
Departure for Trekking in own car
PANORAMIC TREKKING to discover the vineyards: 2 KM walk through the estate vineyards for about 1 hour
PICNIC IN THE VINEYARD: tasting of Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino wines with a farmer's snack.

Also suitable for children

Booking required: - 0577849277 - 320/7685330
Cost per person € 35 adults - € 15 children

Tenute Silvio Nardi
Località Casale del Bosco, Montalcino (Siena)
ph. +39 0577808332 – +39 3666022821

Dates: 9 October 2022
Title: La Ben Finita

End-of-harvest lunch, complete menu based on grapes to celebrate the end of the harvest together, all paired with our wines.

Booking required: 0577-808269/ 3666022821
Cost per person € 75

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