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July 10, 2017

The opening of the Aeleonore Concept Store

Boutique but also a haven where to relax with a good glass of wine...

On June 13th, flower arches and musical notes accompanied the inauguration of the new Aeleonore Concept Store, via Monalda, 3r-5r-7r, next to Piazza Strozzi.

The opening was in conjunction with the 92nd edition of Pitti Uomo. In line with the style of the event, a colorful bloom invites you to enter the boutique, thanks to a scenic installation of bouganville bows, the welcome flower.

A suggestive trail that culminated in the store, where a lush garden was a scenery for the evening event: the enchanting atmosphere was accompanied by the splendid voice of Rosalba Piccinni, the famous Cantafiorista, who is the protagonist of the Milanese scenes.

A magical evening, designed to express the passion of the Aeleonore brand to all that is Beauty and Art, thanks to the rediscovery of Tuscan tradition and its ancient artisan techniques.

The concept store is housed inside an ancient 19th century palace with high cruising times that modulate space. Pink, blue and green are the dominant elements that distinguish the three different areas.

The accessories, furnishings and essences are entirely the work of Architect Eleonora Sassoli, which has created a place where you can breathe fashion and design, but also a dimension of elegance and sophistication where to take refuge also just to browse a book or drink a good glass of Chianti.

The path inside the boutique ends up in the cellars placed in the subsoil, where to taste fine wines and specialties of the Tuscan gastronomic tradition.


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