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April 15, 2019

The Scoppio del Carro in Florence

There is no Easter without the Scoppio del Carro. The appointment with the most ancient Florentine popular tradition is back on April 21st

Easter in Florence also means Scoppio del Carro. According to tradition, the ceremony of the "explosion of the chariot" would be connected to the first Crusade, preached in Florence by the bishop of the time Ranieri and in which over two thousand five hundred citizens took part, under the command of Pazzino di Ranieri de 'Pazzi.

On 15 July 1099, after a long siege, the Crusader army conquered Jerusalem; Pazzino would have been the first to raise the Christian banner on the walls of the holy city, and he would have received three stone chips of the Holy Sepulcher of Christ, then jealously guarded, by Goffredo IV duke of Buillon (known as Bouillon) from Lower Lorraine. brought to Florence in 1101.

Preserved initially by the Pazzi family, the three stones were used to draw a spark of "new" fire (an all-Easter symbol of new life) then distributed, after the blessing, to individual families to rekindle the domestic hearth.

Thus the use spread in Florence, attested for Jerusalem during the Crusades, of distributing to the clergy and people the "holy fire" as a sign of the Resurrection of Christ.
Today The decorated wagon, also known as the "Brindellone", 3 stories high, is pulled by two oxen decorated with garlands around the streets of Florence, up to Piazza del Duomo, between the baptistery and the cathedral.

Easter Sunday, April 21st 2019
At 8:00 am
The "Chariot of Fire", accompanied by the Historical Procession of the Florentine Republic, will depart from the Prato depot to reach Piazza del Duomo with the following itinerary:
via il Prato, Borgo Ognissanti, piazza Goldoni, via della Vigna Nuova, via Strozzi, piazza della Repubblica (with reunion with the Gonfalone from Piazza Signoria), via Roma with arrival in piazza San Giovanni.
8:15 am
A representation of Bandierai degli Uffizi will start from the Palagio di Parte Guelfa, will travel via Porta Rossa, Mercato Nuovo, Via Vacchereccia, P.zza della Signoria.
8:30 am
Piazza Signoria: the Procession of the Florentine Republic, with the Gonfalone and the Mayor, will move along via Calzaiuoli, via degli Speziali, to reach piazza della Repubblica - exhibition of flag-wavers and musicians - then reunification with Corteo coming from via il Prato.
9:40 am
Arrival in Piazza San Giovanni del Corteo with the Chariot of Fire.
10:15 am
draw for the match of the San Giovanni Tournament matches.
11:00 am
Car burst


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