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Emily Arabella Bizzo
Emily Arabella Bizzo Emily Arabella Bizzo Emily Arabella Bizzo
October 11, 2022

Between dreams and reality with Emily Arabella Bizzo

The influencer talks about the birth of her brand Aranoir Prints and new projects

Emily Arabella Bizzo

How did your venture in the world of socials start and what made your profile so popular?

I started about five years ago, completely by chance; at first, I did not even understand why brands were contacting me. Certainly, I had my good share of luck. I believe that fate offers us opportunities, whether to take them or leave them, it only depends on us. I took the chance, trying to make my spontaneity come through and talking with joy about my daily life. I think that happiness is often a matter of choice.

How was your design brand Aranoir Prints born?

I co-founded the brand together with my best friend Caterina Neri during the pandemic. When we started this project, our idea was to keep close to us what makes us feel good: this way, home décor almost becomes an extension of yourself through avant-garde design that allows you to express your hobbies. Everything is entirely managed by us: from printing to packaging, from shipments to customer service. The project is continuously evolving and it is always a great joy for us to see one of our Aranoir posters hanging from the wall of a house or a shop.

If you were asked to create a poster about Florence, what would you do?

The Lily of Florence, a timeless classic.

You are also passionate about photography, is there any artist from the past that has particularly inspired you?

Elliott Erwitt, famous for his black and white photos full of irony.

Your most treasured locations in Florence?

My home in my beloved barrio beyond the Arno, the courtyard of Poggio Imperiale and then Viale Michelangelo with its large square Piazzale and its majestic view.

Any dream still to fulfil?

Having my own family here in Florence.

Emily Arabella Bizzo Emily Arabella Bizzo Emily Arabella Bizzo

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