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Giacomo Bacci
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July 18, 2021

In the atelier-boutique of Giacomo Bacci

A love of beauty expressed in bespoke avant-garde shirts

Giacomo Bacci

How did it all start? 

It started with my grandmother. She was the first person who helped me make clothes, and later she encouraged me to get into designing and making my favourite garments - shirts.

Tell us about your atelier-boutique in Borgo Ognissanti.

The space was designed to receive customers and at the same time to be my workshop, where I design and create my collections. It’s a display space which has room for my products and for interior design.

Florence: 3 places that speak of you. 

Piazza Santo Spirito, the Sant’Ambrogio market and La Rondinella in San Frediano. They’re authentic places where I can enjoy a break, appreciate the city and also find new inspiration.

What’s the essence of your work?

My process involves textile research; I have a very large collection. I explore sartorial tradition and the endless details of the art of tailoring, but I love working with different materials and finding ways to bring them together and create harmonious patterns.

The perfect shirt for summer?

I’m working with lightweight cottons for bowling and oversize shirts in pale shades of beige, cream and brown, the colours of the mediterranean coast and of their city.

Elegance is

Finding the right garment for yourself. A bespoke piece is the perfect way to do it. 

indossata3 interni1 camicia1

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