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Martina Rojas Chaigneau IG @martirojas ph. Andrea Liverani
Hannibal Inferno set Ron Howard
July 18, 2021

Hollywood in Florence

Our interview with the location manager and producer of fashion events

Martina Rojas Chaigneau IG @martirojas ph. Andrea Liverani

How did you get started working in film?

With a course at the film school in Borgo Stella, Florence; when I was 16 I continued my film studies in Rome, then at the Academy in New York. I did a placement with Robert De Niro, and in 2013 I came back to Florence. The American school was essential for getting work on Hollywood productions in Italy.

You’ve worked on so many films; which are the most famous?

The Hannibal series for ICBO, Dan Brown’s Inferno, which was shot in Florence, then the series I Medici for Rai, the first season featuring Dustin Hoffman; Mission Impossible 7, Ridley Scott’s Gucci and a new Netflix series that’s being filmed in Florence in July. 

What was the first and most important set of your career?

Inferno; it was enjoyable and challenging. The production team wanted to shoot in the studio, but between all of us we managed to shoot in the city. 

What was it like to work with Ridley Scott?

Scott is a master of the art and extremely professional; he has clear ideas and he knows what he wants from the outset. His sets are already perfect before the shooting starts.

A little-known place in Florence where you’d take your favourite actor?

I’d take Al Pacino to the Osservatorio di Arcetri, the Roman Theatre in Fiesole and the Stibbert Museum.

What’s your personal motto?

The Roman dialect word daje!

Hannibal Inferno set Ron Howard

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