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A Tavola sulla Spiaggia
July 16, 2021

28th and 29th July for the XXIX edition of A Tavola sulla Spiaggia

The summer kermesse conceived by Gianni Mercatali to proclaim the Piatto Forte 2021 is back. Guests include Luca Calvan

For the second time the challenge to the last ladle on the "noble sands" of Forte dei Marmi will take place without the involvement of the public. Thanks to the understanding and collaboration of Carla and Gherardo Guidi, this XXIX edition will take place "behind closed doors" at the Capannina, just like last year.
29 years have passed," declared Gherardo Guidi, "since Gianni Mercatali first proposed the creation of an event that was a real novelty. I immediately understood the originality and goodness of his project, among other things at a time when the theme of cuisine was not as popular as it is now among the public and the media. I was right to believe in this idea which, thanks to excellent organisation over the years, has become a real format, consolidating and achieving the success it deserves. This year, too, the Capannina is ready to welcome participants and the jury with an atmosphere that matches the philosophy of the event".
There will be four jury tables, arranged around the perimeter of the traditional dance floor, for a total of 40 metres for 40 jurors with a distance of one metre between them. The
The event, presented by Annamaria Tossani, is a "mouth-watering" show devised and organised by Gianni Mercatali to proclaim the 2021 "Piatto Forte" dedicated to Forte dei Marmi, whose Municipal Administration has renewed its patronage once again this year. The "golden colander" created by Petruzzi & Branca of Brescia will be the symbol of victory in this original social-gastronomic talent. The Press Jury's Absolute First Prize will be dedicated to Parmigiano Reggiano.
For the first time this year, the Press Jury will also include lifestyle journalists to award the Rodo Prize to the most elegant competitor and dish, the Italian griffe that is the symbol of artisan elegance in the world.
Gastronomically, the theme of recovery and recycling cuisine is back, so much so that this year the organisers have invited all partners to donate their products to the Banco Alimentare della Toscana. What's more, this is an edition halfway between "green power" and fifty shades... of green.
Once again this year, for technical reasons, there will be eight competitors, divided into the four categories of starters, first courses, main courses and desserts, even though these categories traditionally disappear on the beach. There will be wines to match. The catering service, as always, will be provided by Guido Guidi Ricevimenti who, in just over two hours, will serve with his team 40 jurors 8 gastronomic proposals, changing 320 dishes and 8 wines, replacing 320 tasting glasses.
The jury will include journalists, opinion leaders, wine producers and restaurateurs. New entries this year are Donne Fittipaldi from Bolgheri and Azienda Agricola Carobbio from Panzano in Chianti. For catering, from Maremma Alessandro Rossi of the Gabbiano 3.0 restaurant, one Michelin star.
Michelin star, from Lucca Cristiano Tomei restaurant L'Imbuto one Michelin star, while we await confirmation from Gennaro Esposito of the restaurant La Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense two Michelin stars. How nice to see the Tomei-Esposito duo back at the Capannina, friendly but strict judges from the television programme Cuochi d'Italia! There will also be the now faithful Gianfranco Vissani as well as friends from Versilia's starred restaurants and, for the first time, a pizza chef.
first time, a pizzaiolo. But what a pizzaiolo! Romualdo Rizzuti from his "Follie di Romualdo" in Florence, which once again this year has been awarded three stars by the Gambero Rosso Guide.
This year's contestants include Luca Calvani, not only a very famous actor appreciated by Ozpetek but also a great cookery enthusiast, and Johnny Charlton, known for Cantagiro in '66 and Sanremo '67 when he sang in The Rokes, and now an appreciated painter living in Tuscany.


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