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Pietro Resta, better known on the web as WikiPedro, and his popular videos

Elena Molini
Reading for the soul

Elena Molini. Tell me what your problem is and I’ll tell you what to read

Debora-Franchi 1-cover
Hurricane Debora

Debora Franchi: beautiful, enterprising and brilliant. Try and stop her if you can!

Marco Cervelli
Narrator of lives

Marco Cervelli, the Florentine film director with the intense, ironic gaze

Nonchalanche Elegance

Karl Edwin Guerre, il re della street photography si racconta

Georgette Jupe
Girl in Florence

Georgette Jupe, an American in Florence, reveals the secrets of her personal Florence

Sileno Cheloni
The scent of my city

Sileno Cheloni, a San Niccolò artisan at the his workshop

Alessandro Squarzi
In the name of style

Alessandro Squarzi, a man of style and fashion, presents his Fortela brand

Catherine Poulain
Not only influencer

Catherine Poulain. With her @official_cat, she’a a distillation of style, fashion and music

Daniele Cavalli
My world of inspiration

Daniele Cavalli declares his love for Florence

Nicola Manca
Living the dream

Nicola Manca, owner of San Niccolò Real Estate, a real estate agency that deals with rentals and sales of top

Miranda Di Sipio
For the most beautiful day

Miranda Di Sipio, a young Florentine seamstress specialized in the production of custom wedding dresses

Gabriele Gori
Always in attack

Born in Florence in 1999, striker for the Fiorentina’s youth team, Primavera, Gabriele Gori closed out the regular season with 17 goals to his credit

Riccardo Maccolini
A manager at the Palazzo

Born in 1973, Riccardo Maccolini became President of Club Tornabuoni in 2013 following several years of top managerial experience in London

Gianfranco Bernardini
The keeper of the Brindellone

For 36 years, Gianfranco Bernardini has been keeper of the Brindellone, the traditional cart that on Easter day ‘explodes’ with fireworks in front of the Duomo

Serena Gonnelli
Liquid gold

erena Gonnelli is heir to a long line of oliandoli (olive press workers) dating back proudly to 1585. Her idea of ​​a unique format: to create a restaurant dedicated to Tuscany’s liquid gold and, in the same space, teach how to use it in cuisine

Alessandro Squarzi
The power of the smile

Alessandro Squarzi: thousands of followers have elected him an icon of men’s fashion

Francesca Pazzagli
My personal archive

Francesca Pazzagli, with her intense gaze and creative soul, is an architect. She is one of the minds behind Archivio Personale

Francesca Guicciardini
Definitely not minimal

Francesca Guicciardini, descendant of the historic Florentine family, is a young decor painter

Lorenzo and Lucrezia Franceschini
A style in movement

The siblings Lorenzo and Lucrezia Franceschini, with their father Marzio, carry on a family tradition of fashion-related commerce

Giovambattista Giannangeli
Artist’s choices

Born in Florence in 1970, Giovambattista Giannangeli, pen name Giambaccio, leaves a bright career in law to dedicate his life to art

Martino di Napoli Rampolla
share the beauty

Inside Palazzo Galli Tassi, concealed in a majestic Florence, is this exhibition space and guesthouse where art and design are generated and breathed. It’s Martino di Napoli Rampolla’s Numeroventi

Veronica Grechi
The gift a secret Florence

Veronica Grechi began thinking about Velona’s Jungle in 2013, and with the support of her mother Serena, she opened to the public in 2016

Silvia Orsi Bertolini
Without boundaries

Silvia Orsi Bertolini is the founder of La Jamais Contente, an agency specializing in the communication and organization of exclusive events

Diana Marian Murek
Cosmopolitan fashion

The art on offer in her project for the city will attract new students from all around the world

Giovanni Brandini Marcolini
Speedy successes

Giovanni Brandini Marcolini, fourth generation at the helm of the historic Made in Florence car dealership

Alessandro Della Tommasina
A special mushroom hunter

Alessandro Della Tommasina, from Massa, along with Riccardo Monco, makes up the pair of Enoteca Pinchiorri’s chefs coordinated by the legendary Annie Feolde

Paolo Bassetti
A philosophical relationship

Paolo Basetti, curator of the ‘Giardino delle Ananasse’ at the Boboli Gardens

Simone Graziano
Magical improvisations

Simone Graziano, a 38 year-old pianist and composer from Florence, is a leading figure in Italian jazz

text Elisa Signorini
Rowing in Art

Sportsman in love with Florence: the passions of Luca Aiazzi

Giovanni Basagni
Creativity in Casentino

Giovanni Basagni, president and founder, talks to us about his interesting manufacturing company

Alberto Peragnoli
Passion on the road

Alberto Peragnoli owner of Peragnoliscar, with his brother Carlo and Giovanni Gradi

Marco Torracchi
Bespoke jewellery

Marco Torracchi studied art and specialised in gemmology, and has an atelier and shop in Prato

Costanza Nocentini
The spirit of jazz

Costanza Nocentini, Florentine born and raised, oversees the organization of Pinocchio Jazz alongside Daniele Sordi

Eduardo Wongvalle and Stefano Valori
A precious treasure trove

Eduardo Wongvalle, Stefano Valori and their exclusive boutique on Via delle Belle Donne

Simone Loguercio
Italy’s Best Sommelier

He shot to the top in only five months’ time and won the title of Italy’s Best AIS Sommelier in 2018

Yoko Takirai
3-Dimensional jewelry

The art of Yoko Takirai, who is creating unique jewelry in Florence for more than 20 years

Federico Bondi
Straight to the Heart

Florentine film director Federico Bondi, Fipresci Award at the Berlinale WITH ‘Dafne’

Marco Migliorati
Changing of the guard

Marco Migliorati, the new Executive Chef at the iconic restaurant Se.sto On Arno

Siamak Khahani
Talent sings Florence

Siamak Khahani. The Iran’s youngest professional violinist

Andrea Magnelli
Nikkei Ambassador

Andrea Magnelli: creative dishes with a Japanese flavour

Lisa Gabellini and Jochen Andreas
Seeing well, with style

Lisa Gabellini and Jochen Andreas Zeh, the brains behind the artisan firm Woo Class

Enrico Verrecchia
Family flavours

Experiencing and tasting true Tuscan cuisine in Enrico Verrecchia’s restaurants

Francesco Brandi
A villa for Machiavelli

Francesco Brandi inaugurates the Renaissance English

Paul Lydka
A man for all seasons

Paul Lydka, head concierge and the face of the Four Seasons Hotel Florence

Takafumi Mochizuki
The depth of wood

Takafumi Mochizuki, the Zouganista of Oltrarno for 12 years

Sonia Farsetti
Instinct and reason

Sonia Farsetti: family tradition and the new artistic styles

Alessandro Bianchi
Master of Scagliola

Alessandro Bianchi, with sister Elisabetta, has inherited what seemed to be a lost art

Tommaso Ficari
The event is ready

Tommaso Ficari of Genius Eventi is a wedding and VIP events planner

Oriana Fallaci

Oriana Fallaci, Florence, and her desire for an infinite life. Notes on a shy and quarrelsome friendship

Marco Civoli
Marco Civoli

Multifaceted and passionate

Antonio de Virgiliis
Antonio De Virgiliis

The 40th birthday of the famous entrepreneur: shows and fires for guests

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