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Daniela Messeri
Daniela Messeri Daniela Messeri Daniela Messeri
September 11, 2020

Sparkles full of history

Daniela Messeri of Nerdi Orafi, chosen by Dolce&Gabbana for Florence runway shows

Daniela Messeri

How did you become part of this old family tradition?

I studied at the Florence Art Institute and already had the idea of going into jewellery making - then fate took a hand. I met my husband, we fell in love and later I found out about his family’s business, which he had not wanted to go into. My father in law enthusiastically encouraged me to go to work with him, and now he has retired and left me this splendid workshop

The most valuable lesson that has been passed on to you?

Passion, humility, sacrifice, and a love of beauty.

How does a piece of your jewellery originate, and what does it tell?

It originates in a magical moment, from an inspiration, a glance, an idea. When we work on a commissioned piece, we also have to empathize with the client, understand what it is they are looking for and try to create it.  The cut of a stone, a frieze or a decoration could all be the trigger for an idea – in Florence you only have to look around you.

How did you become involved in the Dolce&Gabbana project?

The adventure started when we received a phone call from Pitti Immagine. Domenico Dolce came to see us, he chose a number of pieces, and together we developed them for the show. Pieces for the catwalk needed to be eye-catching even from a distance and easily picked out by the video camera.  

What was it like working with the two designers?

Easy. They have great sensitivity, they understand and appreciate craftsmanship.

Can you describe the creations you made for the occasion?

Two medallions with our signature hammered chain and various rings. All with a historical, Medicean theme, including the florin of course.

Daniela Messeri Daniela Messeri Daniela Messeri

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