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Gabriele Gori
December 16, 2019

Always in attack

Born in Florence in 1999, striker for the Fiorentina’s youth team, Primavera, Gabriele Gori closed out the regular season with 17 goals to his credit

Gabriele Gori

Where does Gabriele Gori the footballer come from?

I started on Fiorentina’s youth team at just 9 years old: they saw me playing in some tournaments when I was on the Sestese junior team. 

Have you been inspired by certain footballers over the years?

I’m still upset because my idol, Fernando Torres, just retired. I’ve always considered him a role model, but I know that every footballer must give their best and create their own style of playing. 

Which goals do you remember most fondly?

In terms of importance, the one I scored in Naples during the last championship, but the most beautiful was in Milan this year. 

What do you do off the field?

I’ve been with my girlfriend Sara Bergomi, Beppe’s daughter, for the last two years, and I hang out with her when I have a bit of free time. Playing at certain levels requires sacrifices, so there’s little time for other things. 

Which places do you like the most in Florence?

I love sushi, so Koko is a fixture in my life. Florence is my city, and I like it for all the places it offers as a whole. 

And what’s one trip that you’ve taken or will take that you love the most?

I would like to go to the United States, to Miami, Los Angeles… I’ve never been. 

In five years, Gabriele Gori will be…

Definitely playing football. I hope to be a champion. 

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