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Eduardo Wongvalle and Stefano Valori
Red wine glass Wongvalle Boutique Castorina
December 13, 2019

A precious treasure trove

Eduardo Wongvalle, Stefano Valori and their exclusive boutique on Via delle Belle Donne

Eduardo Wongvalle and Stefano Valori

Your shop is a treasure trove for your customers: by what criteria do choose the products?

We seek to cater for classy women, attentive to detail, never banal in their choice of colours: with a balance between exclusivity and refinement. For men, we are inspired by our style: sober, but with a twist of novelty.

What is the most precious thing inside?

The container itself! How it was made down to the individual details. Vintage chandeliers, mirrors, the furniture for display, the harmony of colours.

Florence is also a treasure trove: what’s your favourite place?

Impossible to choose: every Renaissance palace with its decorations and gardens, splendid churches and squares.

A winter’s evening in Florence: what the best way to experience the essence of the city?

Dine in a typical restaurant in the city centre and enjoy a beautiful traditional Florentine dish accompanied by a glass of Tuscan red.

Food & Wine, an experience you’d recommend?

An aperitif at the Procacci bar; a place that retains its old-world charm, where you can savour the famous truffle nibbles accompanied by an excellent selection of wines. Now, we’re at home.

A souvenir of the city, a piece of craftsmanship that speaks of Florence?

Don’t forget a trip to Castorina, a historic Oltrarno workshop to find beautiful frames and other unique pieces and breathe the typical aroma of wood.

Red wine glass Wongvalle Boutique Castorina

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