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Tommaso Maselli ph Dario Garofalo
Tommaso Maselli ph Dario Garofalo Tommaso Maselli Tommaso Maselli
March 31, 2022

The art of Tommaso Maselli

The young framer from the historic Florentine workshop tells us about his work and his values

Tommaso Maselli ph Dario Garofalo

When did a family tradition in the field of framing and gilding become a personal passion?

As a little boy I enjoyed  playing with small pieces of wood. Then, over time I have become increasingly attracted to the world of craftsmanship. 

The most precious lesson by your father Gabriele?

My dad has always been my mentor. I learn something new from him every day, but his most precious lesson was to teach me to keep my eyes open and learn how do to do things myself, like when, as a child, I watched him working at the workshop while I was cleaning the frames: his posture, the way he moved his hands, the way he spread the plaster and applied the golf leaf. 

Your favorite processing stage?

I enjoy every single stage, but if I were to choose, it would be the frame carving stage. 

The most precious painting for which you made the frame?

My father made frames for works by artists of the caliber of Leonardo and Titian. As for me, last summer I have had the honor of making a frame for a painting by Felice Casorati.

Some of your frames that we can admire in Florence.

The frame of the Last Supper by Pocetti in the Duomo, above the high altar, and the frame of the work by Grisoni in the Uffizi’s Niobe Room. 

Your special places in town?

I remember the walks with my grandfather from Ponte Vecchio to Porta Romana, while he told me interesting stories about painters, which I myself tell now. 

Your favorite venues for a night out with friends?

La Petite, near Piazza della Repubblica, a quiet place for drinks and hanging out, and Colle Bereto, on Piazza Strozzi.

Tommaso Maselli ph Dario Garofalo Tommaso Maselli Tommaso Maselli

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