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Elisa Zanetti
Badiani Elisa Zanetti Colle Bereto
December 18, 2020


Inside the colourful social world of Elisa Zanetti

Elisa Zanetti

Content creator, style icon and, above all, mum. How did all that happen?

Motivation, perseverance, passion, studying. Oh, and I forgot my superpowers. After all, every mother is Wonder Woman in a way!

Take us with you to Florence and show us your cult places from morning to night.

Breakfast has to be at Caffè Libertà, with coffee and cream puffs. A burger for lunch with my family at Colle Bereto, then a nice walk in the centre and back home for an ice cream from Badiani. In the evening, aperitif at Vineria del Re and then dinner at Tullio a Montebeni if I’m in the mood for traditional, or sushi at Momoyama.

Elisa offline: what do you like doing?

I love watching series in the original language, and in summer I love sunbathing. I’m like a lizard!

Being an influencer today… what’s your message to the new generations?

To live with love. Love for the job you do, love for yourself, love for other people and for life. I believe love is the key to everything.

Is there something that’s always part of your day with your daughter Flaminia?

A few minutes of shared time, just the two of us. 

Your earliest childhood memory?

When my mother cut my hair really short, like a boy. Ever since then I’ve always kept my hair long!

Your favourite Florentine dish?

Crostini with chicken livers.

A dream?

To do something for my city and make my work truly useful for Florence.

Instagram: @elisazanetti

Badiani Elisa Zanetti Colle Bereto

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