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Gaia Leonori Pratesi
Tuffo-Bagno Verderoccia Grey Burgundy
January 9, 2022

Discovering the luxury lingerie of Verderoccia

Gaia Leonori Pratesi tells us about the luxury brand's collections and innovations

Gaia Leonori Pratesi

What was Verderoccia, of which you are the founder and owner, born out of?

Out of the deep respect for this land, Tuscany, the homeland of many geniuses, and to honor Pratesi family’s history, known all over the world for their style, taste and obsession with quality.

How important is the “ Made in Florence” to you?

It is essential. I am able to describe the special characteristics of each and every artisan we work with, all essential to us: accuracy, honesty, the value of keeping one’s word and remaining true to one’s commitments. And all this is found in Florence. 

What do your collections draw inspiration from?

There are several sources of inspiration, from the personal to the great beauty surrounding us, nature, art, with the Renaissance still inspiring us everywhere: first of all, Brunelleschi, with his sleek and elegant style, brilliant and unique at the same time. 

What is your signature product?

Definitely our sheets, with the special finishings meticulously chosen according to the pattern and fabric. 

And the latest addition?

Our new Palissandro and Titanio table linen collection. 

Roman by birth, you have been living in Tuscany for many years. What do you love the most about this land?

Its colors, its subdued and elegant tones, its people and the air always fragrant with something new.

Your favorite places in Florence?

My favorite street is Via Giuseppe Poggi, which runs down from Piazzale Michelangelo to the heart of Florence, going on past Poggi’s fountain and offering a view of the sun rising over the beautiful Arno river and going down beyond the magnificent Apuan Alps. Piazza Santa Croce, always full of light and life, and the beautiful Church of Orsanmichele.

Tuffo-Bagno Verderoccia Grey Burgundy

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