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Lisa Gabellini and Jochen Andreas
Woo Class Woo Class Woo Class
December 12, 2019

Seeing well, with style

Lisa Gabellini and Jochen Andreas Zeh, the brains behind the artisan firm Woo Class

Lisa Gabellini and Jochen Andreas

What do glasses represent today?

Glasses are no longer merely a functional accessory, but a genuine item of style, used to express ourselves and our personality.

Why did you choose wood?

It was my husband Jochen’s idea; he’s a sculptor so he’s familiar with wood. It’s a fascinating material, ancient and far lighter than synthetic materials like acetate. What’s more, it’s non-allergenic.

What’s special about your frames?

Their lightness, comfortable fit and design. Also their soft, silky feel, which makes them extremely pleasant to wear.

Which model is your personal favourite?

Pietro, in a customised two-colour version. It’s a masculine model with a strong character, and I wear it often.

Tell us about a famous nose you’ve dressed? 

Oprah Winfrey, but to date only with the Woo Class range, with no modifications. It would be fantastic to make a pair of bespoke frames for her...

The most beautiful view in Florence?

The view of the city from the Forte di Belvedere with the Boboli Gardens below and the  great dome is obviously fabulous, but my favourite view of all is from the Ponte alle Grazie looking towards the Ponte Vecchio, because as well as the banks of the Arno you can see the Arnolfo Tower and San Miniato al Monte, with the Forte di Belvedere and the green hills of Florence in the background. It’s my daily walk to work.

Woo Class Woo Class Woo Class

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