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Simone Ghedini
Bottega di Sguardi Bottega di Sguardi Bottega di Sguardi
June 13, 2022

Simone Ghedini and the style of Bottega di Sguardi

Trends and great classics of Florentine excellence

Simone Ghedini

Which do you favour, style or trends? 

I have always favoured emerging, exclusive brands over a more commercial logic. We are interested in enhancing and identifying people’s style rather than offering on-trend products.

Your timeless classic? 

Any one from the two collections I curated the design for, Vibes365 and Bottega di Sguardi, both created in collaboration with an historic factory in Cadore. Vibes365 is an ultra-light, versatile brand for all seasons with a Californian touch. The Bottega di Sguardi collection, is a line inspired by those who made the history of eyewear from the 50s to the 90s, revisited with a contemporary twist.

What role does craftsmanship play in your world? 

It is an essential element. Which is why we love the culture and meticulous attention to detail of Japanese production processes.  One example out of many is Masunaga, the oldest eyewear factory in Japan, for which we are proud to be exclusive retailers in Florence.

Brands to focus on? 

Jacques Marie Mage, elegant, retro charm yet cutting edge, and Matsuda, the greatest expression of timeless elegance in Japanese eyewear.

What is your indisputable value? 

The welcome with which the customer is guided on a journey of self-discovery. The shopping experience is a key aspect for the Bottega di Sguardi format, together with professionalism and cutting-edge equipment.

A look at Florence - the loveliest views?

From the Torre dei Consorti, on the top floor of the Hotel Continentale. One of the most beautiful panoramic views in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from our second Florence boutique in Via del Parione.


Bottega di Sguardi Bottega di Sguardi Bottega di Sguardi

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