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June 12, 2022

The Florence of Tommaso Corsini

Tommaso Corsini, life and soul of Corsini.Events Group

Tommaso Corsini

You were born into an ancient Florentine family, what is the most important legacy your family left you?

It gave me the opportunity to study history and realize the importance of cultural roots. But standing on my own two feet allowed me to understand the desire and the need to achieve goals.

Was organizing events a natural choice? 

I have relatives all over the world, and our house was always busy with people coming and going. Hospitality is in my blood. It began as a game when I was a child, then became a passion and then a job.   I’ve done everything, from dishwasher to producer - it’s a job full of details that is immensely gratifying. 

How have you perfected your skills and your service? 

Hard work, experience and continuity. Head down, solve problems, find pleasing solutions, logistics, create new formats. No secret ingredients! 

What is Corsini.Events Group in a nutshell?

A private and corporate events production company that I share with my brother, Lorenzo. It’s a young, flexible, dynamic business always in pursuit of innovative solutions.

Which is the event with the biggest wow factor you have organized in your career?

It has to be the Regeneration-Festival in August 2020, in the Boboli Gardens. The only great open air opera festival organized in Europe in the year of COVID.

Three ideal locations in and around Florence for organizing an unforgettable event?

Villa Corsini in Mezzomonte and The Lodge Club!

Your Florence in your three favourite places?

Villoresi Perfume Museum in Via de’ Bardi, one of a kind! Cammillo, a trattoria, a family, a history! Pian dei Giullari, the most beautiful walk in the world! 

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