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text Marta Innocenti Ciulli
photo Stefano Coletti

Alessandro Squarzi
December 16, 2019

The power of the smile

Alessandro Squarzi: thousands of followers have elected him an icon of men’s fashion

Alessandro Squarzi

First place among the 40 best-dressed men in the world. How does that feel? 

It certainly is a great honor.

What is elegance? 

Elegance is in the movements, in the way we relate to others.

A personal object that you would never do without?

A watch.

Why this obsession with vintage? 

It’s a passion that I’ve been cultivating since I was a teenager. I find everything that has a past and a story to tell to be fascinating.

What would you throw out and what would you keep of the fashion of these last 5 years? 

Throw away the men’s stretch and fitted pants. I would keep the great return of military wear, but only if it’s original vintage.

Define your style.

Very simple: a mix between my classic roots and my passion for vintage, especially military and denim. I call it gypsyclassic.  

Never without? 

My credit card.

T-shirt or shirt? 

It depends on the occasion. I wear both.

Street style or pâp? 

Street style.

The yes’s and no’s in men’s clothing?

Yes to respecting the dress code and dressing appropriately for your physicality. No to short-sleeves and sandals.

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